Experienced Curators are invited to apply for our annual position of Curator and Manager to the Gallery Space.

As Curator and Manager to the Gallery Space you will provide all support services to the artists in residence as well as taking responsibility for the organisation of exhibitions. The position is renewable on an annual basis, subject to the agreed responsibilities having been achieved. It is a fantastic opportunity for curators to collaborate and support a diverse range of artists expand in their practise and work to showcase a series of exhibitions throughout the year, transforming the space into a hub of creative energy and diverse artistic talent.


You can submit a proposal detailing your experience, what assets you would bring to the project and your understanding of the key roles of a potential Managing Agent to the Carpenter’s Wharf Art Centre. You will be required to manage all aspects of staffing, artist mentoring, building management, health & safety and security of all people and possessions within the dynamic Roach Road space. Key priorities in your role as curator if selected, will also cover networking, bookkeeping, business planning and support of the artists in residence located above the gallery space.

We will require you to ensure the provision of a bright, open and friendly working environment for the artists and exhibitors to the gallery, and take an active role within the local community; maximising on the potential for opportunities for local businesses and support of the future development of the art scene in Hackney Wick.

The organisation and promotion of the art shows will also be a key role during your 12 month contract, the artwork marketing, PR exposure and sales will be key responsibilities; hopefully resulting in expanded awareness and reputation for the Gallery and Studio Space at Carpenter’s Wharf.

We are looking for applicants who share our passion not only for the artistic community and expansion of creative energy in the local area, but who want to support and encourage a new centre of artistic excellence in Hackney Wick; bringing together new and established talent to thrive and grow in a dynamic and exciting environment.





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Built by the visionary Anderson Foundation, the art gallery and studio residency at Carpenter’s Wharf is an inspiring project dedicated to supporting how artists flourish in today’s society.