Artists of all mediums and experience are invited to apply to 3 month + residencies at the Roach Road studio space.

With no cost to the artist, selected finalists of the submission process will have full access to one of eight new spaces overlooking the River Lee canal.

There will be fantastic opportunities for the artist to expand their network and creative potential, and we encourage during the months of the residency to collaborate not just with other artists, but with the wider creative local community in Hackney Wick as well. We will be working to your schedules to co-ordinate mentoring programmes and sessions of development in all areas of business expansion including social media promotion, website design, and sales assistance in all aspects of work where you may like support. We will also support in your accommodation support and advice if required, providing relevant details of individuals and companies who may be able to assist for the duration of your time with us at the art centre.


In your applications we will need to see clear evidence of your work and portfolio clearly labelled and documented.

You can submit :

  • Up to 3 images of your work. This can include recent projects, sketchbook studies and final pieces
  • We will also need an artists statement, in this you will also need to set out your objectives for this residency and your plan of intent, including details of your current project and how during the timeframe of your studio residency you hope to achieve these goals.
  • Commit to showing in the gallery space at the end of the residency and engage in the collaborative projects of the artistic centre at Carpenter’s Wharf.
  • At the end of the residency, in support of your time with us and our vision to help the success of our artists, be able to leave with us one artwork of any size to keep as part of our exclusive alumni collection- as a charity investment for the Anderson Foundation in association with National Autistic Society (NAS).

We are looking for applicants who share our passion for the development and support of our artistic community. Who have a strong work ethic and will respect the studio environment and our ethos of positivity and care. We will provide artists with a full range of support services, so you can purely focus on your artwork in a cooperative and supportive environment, and have the opportunity to thrive in your practise without distractions!





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Built by the visionary Anderson Foundation, the art gallery and studio residency at Carpenter’s Wharf is an inspiring project dedicated to supporting how artists flourish in today’s society.